I will be doing a series of reviews on the Brocock Compatto PCP air rifles in .177, .22 and .25 calibres in FAC guise in the near future. This 4 part article will however, include pellet selection testing in all 3 power levels, pellet speed decay graphs and the suitability of MTC scopes. For now we are starting with the popular Compatto .22 calibre review. This series will be followed by tuning the Brocock Compatto, fitting a regulator and advanced pellet preparation to make this exceptional PCP air rifle even better.

Buyers of new PCP air rifles from me now get the Pellet Selection Test sheet (see Blog #21) where I test 6-8 different pellets with the said air rifle at no cost. In this article I will show you the outcome when testing 12 different pellets in the Brocock Compatto in .22 calibre and what we can learn from the results.

Gun Room will also wholesale the Brocock Australia wide to genuine gun dealers.

Please note here that the Brocock Compatto tested was straight out of the box without a shroud and with no adjustments made to it. The pellets were also straight out of their respective tins, complete with minor dents and imperfections found in most tins of pellets purchased here in Australia, especially JSB pellets marketed by Cometa.

It would be fair to say that these results are a generic over-view of the Compatto in .22 calibre. I have tested several other .22 Compattos and their results were very similar in that several of the same pellets excelled while others failed to deliver. This is a typical story throughout air rifle testing where PCPs actually deliver more consistent pellet results across a broader array of pellets than do springers.

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